Back to School | August 18, 2016

When I think of Back to School, I think of freshly sharpened pencils, new clothes smell, and a brand new lunch box.  My mother was a world class lunch packer. There was always fruit, carrot sticks, some kind of baked good (mostly home made but sometimes there was a Tastycake, which I was naive to think was better – WRONG) and the traditional sandwich.  In my house, crust was a must. Like the fiber in an apple peel, my mom told us that the crust was where the vitamins were,  🙂  Oh and there was always a note and a sticker – I love you too Mom.
Knowing I wanted to write a Back to School post, I enlisted two fantastic helpers and an equally wonderful photographer to help me.  I sent a variety of Tovolo Sandwich Shapers to the littles in my family – Isaac who is 6 and starting first grade. He knows a thing or two about making school sandwiches. And his lovely assistant/cousin, 2 year old Avery.  As you will see from the photos, they did a terrific job.  My favorite pictures are of Isaac with jelly on his nose.  He works very hard and takes helping me seriously.
A BIG thank you to Isaac and Avery for helping us out with the blog this week and to the lovely Marisa for the photography and clean up duty. xoxo
To all the kids and parents, Happy Back To School!  It is a great time of year full of anticipation, new friends, and new lunch boxes!