Glide-A-Scoop™ Ice Cream Tub


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The Glide-A-Scoop™ Ice Cream Tub neatly stores homemade ice cream, gelato, and sorbet. Non-slip base steadies the container while you effortlessly scoop along the slender tub. Slim design to fit into any tightly-packed freezer or freezer door.

  • Slender design guides the perfect scoop
  • Non-slip base steadies tub while you scoop
  • Insulated tub stores compactly in freezer

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Additional Information

  • Hand wash only
  • Food safe
  • BPA free

5 reviews for Glide-A-Scoop™ Ice Cream Tub

  1. J Jamieson

    Love the product but I just watched a youtube video which showed the presenter pulling the base and internal tub apart?

  2. Jim P.

    We have a couple and they are quite nice. I do have a question, we have some water droplets in the base, between the two layers. How do I take the layers apart to dry it off? Thanks!

    • Josh Lipka

      Hello! The unit is not made to come apart. If condensation has occurred, you can leave out on your countertop for a few days in warmer weather to evaporate.

  3. Foo

    Bought 3 of these after I liked the first one so much. Definitely worth 5 stars. Just a question the packaging says Dishwasher safe and the your website says hand wash only; what is it?

    • Josh Lipka

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. All Glide-A-Scoop Ice Cream Tubs are to be Hand Washed only.

  4. Kim G

    Works well. Seals tight. Liked this one so well I bought the 2.5 quart too!

  5. Naomi

    Awesome ice cream container. Comes apart easily for quick cleaning. It assembles easily and is the perfect companion for my Thermomix and ice-cream machine!
    Love the colours it comes in as I can have different flavors in the different colours making it easy to identify at a glance what flavors I have on the go.

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