Sphere Clear Ice System – Set of 4


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Finally, an easy method for making clear ice! Perfectly insulated system creates a controlled environment where the oxygen is pushed into the bottom tray, leaving you with 4 crystal-clear ice spheres or cubes. Ultra slow melting Clear Ice won't dilute your favorite spirits and cocktails.

  • Creates 4 seamless, 2.5″ ice spheres
  • Clear spheres are ultra slow melting and won't dilute your favorite spirits
  • Slim design stores compactly in freezer

Additional Information

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food Safe
  • BPA Free

6 reviews for Sphere Clear Ice System – Set of 4

  1. Clifford Peterson

    I loved the product, made one set of ice balls the drinks are outstanding with the ice ball. Love the concept but the execution was off after 1 use the edge chipped/broke off half the water leaked into the freezer and the device was done. More flexible mold is in order. ;-(

  2. Brian Bourque

    I actually love the ice molds but one of my trays cracked recently and water will not fill with water any longer.
    Can just the tray be purchased instead of the entire item? thanks

  3. Allan LaBarre

    Wonderful system and I GREATLY enjoy having clear ice spheres with my quality single malt scotch. My guests have made numerous comments about how fascinated they are that I am able to achieve such clear spheres of ice. Unfortunately, after about 20 uses, the lid to the water reservoir cracked and now it is no longer possible to get the spheres to fill with water. I have sent a customer contact to inquire about the possibility of obtaining a replacement water reservoir (with fill tube) to avoid having to purchase a complete new system. Awaiting a reply from Tovolo.

  4. Eric Dullmeyer

    I actually think these molds are great. Unfortunately the bottom of the green mold ripped apart when I was attempting to get a ice sphere to enjoy my old fashion. How can I order just a green sphere mold versus buying a whole ice mold system?

  5. Kyle

    I boiled the water first and topped them out but after a couple uses the insulated case broke and is in four pieces. Great concept and I have been training to get the perfect ice sphere.

  6. Russell Georgen

    Made one set of ice balls with this and the lid to the water base cracked. Very dissatisfied. Now it leaks and the balls will not fill.

    • Josh Lipka

      Hello. We are very sorry to hear about your item cracking. If you reach out to us we will be happy to look into the problem for you.

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